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  • Blasphemous : 2
  • Blasphemous : 2
  • Blasphemous : 2
About this product

In the end, only one thing is certain... Penance never stops.

The second manuscript in the Blasphemous series announces the return of the Penitent, with a story that continues from the free Wounds of Eventide DLC of the original game, where the Heart in the Sky heralded the return of the Miracle and predicted the birth of a new child miraculous.

Waking up in a strange new land, and torn from his final resting place, the Penitent is plunged back into the endless cycle of life, death and resurrection. He has no choice but to explore this perilous new world and discover the secrets that have been forgotten since time immemorial.

Standing in your way, hordes of grotesque enemies await final judgment executed by the brutal hand of the Penitent. Titanic and unnatural bosses also lurk in the darkness, ready to send you back to the tomb from which you came.

Defeating them will not be easy, but with Blasphemous 2 offering more possibilities for customizing and improving your skills, as well as several new unique weapons to wield with virtuous zeal and infinite fury, there is no doubt that victory is yours. within reach.

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Playstation 5
Bluray disc
Action Adventure
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