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Welcome to Solís, a huge nation in South America rife with conflict, oppression and extreme weather conditions.

In Just Cause 4, lone agent Rico Rodriguez travels to Solís in order to uncover the truth about his past, no matter what. Strap on your wingsuit, equip your fully customizable grappling hook, and get ready to unleash the elements!

Set in the fictional South American world of Solis, JUST CAUSE 4 takes the series incredible destruction and unique physics to a whole new level with the introduction of tornadoes and other Extreme Weather events.

JUST CAUSE 4 has four distinct biomes: Rainforest, Grasslands, Alpine & Desert. With each biome offering its own individual, fully simulated weather event, players will have a truly unique experience as they traverse this deep, diverse world.

Rico Rodriguez returns in JUST CAUSE 4 with his trademark parachute, wingsuit and, of course his grapple hook, now enhanced with new functionality and fully customisable.

Making it the most powerful and creative tool the player has ever had. Bring The Thunder:

  • Ricos Ultimate Mission:
  • Huge South American World:
  • Creative Destruction at its best
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Playstation 4
Avalanche Studios
Square Enix
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